Jed Gjerek BIO


Born (1974) in Varazdin, Croatia. Based in Tuam, Co. Galway, Ireland.


Jed obtained his BA (Honors) in Contemporary Art with first class honors from the School of Design and Creative Arts at Atlantic Technology University, Ireland. 

Currently, he is doing an MA in Creative Practice at ATU Galway City, Ireland.


With 28+ years in the art field, Jed is an award-winning artist who has exhibited widely and his work has been sold all around the world. 

His work has been published in The Very Best of Irish Contemporary Ceramics book by John Good, Ceramics Ireland magazine and many more.

For the last two years, Jed works as an art tutor with GRETB.


“Consider myself a kind of old school artist who believes artwork should be a product of knowledge, skills, and passion. Passionate about traditional ceramics worldwide, inspired by melting pot theory and salad bowl theory and attracted to the traditional artistic pursuits such as painting and sculpture, my work reflects multicultural ancient roots affected by a multicultural contemporary environment where it is not clear whether it is a finished piece of a functional object or purely decorative artwork.” (Jed Gjerek)



Holder of intangible assets for Traditional pottery of northwest Croatia, Ministry of culture, Croatia

Member of

VAI Ireland (2023)

Artaxis, World Independent Network of Contemporary Sculptors and Ceramists (2020)

Clay Galway, Ireland (2019)

Ceramics Ireland (2018)

The Croatian Association of ceramists Kerameikon (2005)